5 Tips to Choose the Best Boot
Almost everyone wears boots nearly everyday, on occasion or has worn a pair of boots at some point in their life. Whether you wear them for work, for fashion or for a particular hobby; you may want or need a good pair of boots that fit your style and that will suit your needs. Choosing the right pair of boots for your precious feet is just like a search for the right team for your fantasy football team. It will take an assessment of the strength and weakness of each component to arrive at the best eleven, or a single boot in this instance. Whether you fancy western boots or a cowboy boot, you still need to put some factors into consideration to choose the best.
It’s not just about men’s boot, women's boot or kids boot, but a search for the best boot that fit and complement your personality. Regardless of who you are and what you do, having the right footwear speaks volumes about your taste and style. The time, energy and resources you’ll spend in choosing the right boot will be worth it if you get it right. Look out for these following pointers when selecting your next pair of western or cowboy boots.
1. Ensure It Fits for Comfort
Pay special attention to how a boot fits on your leg when trying out new boots. Take time to ensure the fit is right on your feet. Avoid the too narrow or too short boot as it will hinder your feet from breathing. When your western boots are too big, it will cause blisters or hot spots. Try the boots with similar socks that you’ll wear with the boots, this will give you an idea of how the boot will fit.
2. Quality Matters
When you buy poor quality boots, they may wear out quickly. Look at the material of your boots, if it looks cheap it will wear out faster. Search for boots with top quality leather, lining, and stitching. Stick with known brands such as Lucchese, Carolina, Dan Post, AriatJustin Boots and others. Different brands have their strengths and weaknesses, it’s better to stick with known brands that offer quality, uniqueness, and comfort.
3. Know What You Need the Boots For
Are they for work, fun or fashion? When you are buying cowboy boots for work, then you should be conscious of the sole, height, insulation, water resistance and the mode of stitching. When it’s for fun, it’s more about the style and color. Whether you are going with the traditional moc toe styles or the modern hiker styles, it’s all about choosing the right men's boot, women's boot or kids boot.
4. How Easy is the Maintenance and Cleaning
Your western boot will last longer if you take good care of it. You cannot just be rocking boots for days without taking some time to clean them and get them fixed when necessary. Are the boots something you can maintain or do they require minimal to no maintenance? You need to be sure you know how to maintain your boot before buying one.
5. Do the Insoles Support Your Feet
It may appear that the insoles that come with the boots do not support your type of feet. You should check the insole and be sure it works for the sole of your feet before going with the boot. Look for boots with great insoles that support your feet regardless of the number of hours the boots are worn. Knowing the type of feet you have is a step toward knowing the best insole your boot should have.
Whatever boot you need, you need to check if it abides by these factors before you settle for it. Of it all, the safety feature of a boot is the most important. Boots do more than just protect your feet; they beautify them!.
6. Visit with us to find the best boot that fits. After all, if the boot fits, wear it!
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