10 Cowboy Outfit Aesthetics To Consider for Spring

10 Cowboy Outfit Aesthetics To Consider for Spring

10 Cowboy Outfit Aesthetics To Consider for Spring

Cowboys are ubiquitous in popular culture and still create unique fashion trends that people can get excited about.

The western look is excellent any time of year, but it’s especially functional when the weather starts to get warm. These 10 cowboy outfit aesthetics to consider for spring will have you looking your best.


One of the most iconic things about cowboys was the jeans they wore. While leather is a popular material for this style, jeans have that natural cowboy look. Wrangler, Levi, and Ariat built their brands by selling functional jeans. Today, these sellers are some of the most popular clothing manufacturers, and you can find jeans in various styles.

Most cowboys wore jeans because they were practical, although today, they’re also a fashion choice. Bootcut, skinny, and straight-legged jeans are only a few of your available options. Jeans are both durable and aesthetically pleasing, giving you a solid bang for your buck. The right pair of pants will set your look apart from others this spring.


Another essential item you’ll need for your cowboy wardrobe is a good pair of shoes. Whether you want shoes, slippers, or boots, there’s something that will match the cowboy style. If you need a pair that’s durable enough to work in, make sure you find something that won’t fall apart.

Purchasing a quality pair of country western shoes doesn’t have to be complicated. Many retailers offer various brands and designs, so finding something that works for you should be more accessible than ever. Just ensure that you get suitable materials if you want them to last.


A cowboy outfit isn’t complete without a good hat. Cowboy hats protect workers from the sun, giving them ample shade to cover their faces and neck. You can also sometimes wear them on special occasions, adding a sense of propriety to your outfit.

Cowboy hats come in all different shapes and sizes. The Cattleman is the most common, often made with top creases and a slight bend to the brim. However, if that’s not your style, there’s also the Brick, Gambler, and Gus, among others.


Although it might seem gratuitous, the scarf is essential to any cowboy’s wardrobe. Cowboys would wear the scarf over their eyes, nose, or mouth to protect themselves from dust. Many people also wore them to keep their hats from blowing away, making scarves a versatile choice that improves your overall look.

Scarves can come in just about any pattern to complement the rest of your outfit. They make the perfect fashion accessory when worn around the neck, but you can also tuck them into your collar for added warmth on a cool night.


Cowboys are constantly exposed to the elements, so dressing in layers is essential for maximum efficiency. Shirts, vests, and jackets are crucial for protecting yourself from bad weather, no matter what time of year it is.

A jacket made with mobility in mind gives cowboys a way to stay dry on wet days or protect their skin from sun exposure. A leather jacket will give you a distinct look that goes well with the rest of your cowboy outfit.


Gloves are an essential accessory for anyone working outdoors. Cuts, splinters, and other injuries can make it harder to complete your tasks. For cowboys, gloves protect their hands when working in the field. They also pair well with modern cowboy aesthetics, resulting in a great look for spring.

Cowboy gloves offer both form and function, giving you the perfect article to tie everything together. Deerskin and other types of leather offer flexibility and comfort. With a comfortable pair of gloves, you’ll be ready for anything.


For some occasions, a solid pair of chaps is essential. Adding an extra layer of clothing protects the legs from bumps, bruises, and abrasions. You can comfortably wear chaps over jeans or riding pants, bringing the cowboy look together.

Although they’re primarily functional in natural settings, you can equip your chaps with tassels, leather straps, and other additions for some extra flair. Chaps should fit snuggly but not too tightly. Try them on first to make sure they’ll feel comfortable with the rest of your outfit.


Women might want a bag that goes with their cowboy outfits. Luckily, there’s a wide selection of cowboy purses and tote bags that can pair nicely with the rest of your ensemble. Satchels, shoulder bags, and saddle bags are a few items you should look for when looking for a bag.

The best part about bags is that you can find them with unique designs that go well with your cowboy outfit. You can find designs in leather and faux leather, and they add a vintage look to your apparel. They’re also helpful for carrying your things since you might have a limited amount of pocket space.


For men, having a high-quality wallet can bring an outfit together. A wallet with a western design is the perfect cowboy aesthetic for going out this spring. You can even get yours embroidered with a custom image or message for something unique.

A good wallet is great for organizing your cash, ID, and banking cards, making it easier to access items when needed. Having one that matches your wardrobe will improve your aesthetic while offering a measure of functionality. With a good quality western wallet, you can create a sense of style that enhances your image.


Once you’ve got everything else together, you might want to add some color to your outfit for more personality. An interesting patch can set your wardrobe apart, allowing you to show off your tastes while bringing something new to the ensemble.

For cowboys, depictions of steer horns, horses, and other iconic imagery have been around for a long time. You can also opt for something with flowers or a mosaic to add color to your outfit. You can sew or iron most patches onto fabric, giving you a quick way to improve your cowboy aesthetic that’s also fairly inexpensive.

Find Your Look This Season

There’s no telling what styles will be the most popular as we head into spring. However, with a timeless look, you’ll be ready for anything.

These cowboy aesthetics to consider for spring will prepare you for any occasion.

10 Cowboy Outfit Aesthetics To Consider for Spring

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