3 of the Most Popular Heel Styles in Men’s Cowboy Boots

3 of the Most Popular Heel Styles in Men’s Cowboy Boots


3 of the Most Popular Heel Styles in Men’s Cowboy Boots

If you’re at all familiar with the history of the cowboy boot, you know that the traditional, angled heel was designed to fit easily into a stirrup. (If you aren’t familiar, you can read up on the history of Texas’s official footwear.)

However, since their original design in the era of cattle drives, cowboy boot heels have undergone many re-imaginings. Here are three of the most popular heel styles in men’s cowboy boots.

Cowboy Heels

As the most traditional option, cowboy heels are likely the heels you envision when you think of cowboy boots. This narrow, slanted heel is both fashionable and functional. The 1 1/2-inch heel hooks easily into a stirrup, making horseback riding simpler. However, it is shorter than a riding heel, which is usually about 2 inches in height. The lower heel makes the boot easier to wear throughout the day, which is why the cowboy heel has remained so popular throughout the years!

Roper Heels

Roper heels emerged in the 1920s as components to a boot that worked well for roping competitions. The cowboys needed to jump off their horses and run to the roped calf, but traditional cowboy boot heels made this difficult.

To fix this issue, boot makers developed roper heels with a straight, flat base. They are typically only 1 inch in height, making them easy to run in. If you need a comfortable boot for all-day wear, the roper heel is a great option.

Fowler Heels

Fowler heels are another popular heel style of men’s cowboy boots. Fowler heels are typically 1 1/8th-inches in height, making them a great option for those who’d prefer lower heels. Fowler heels come in two variations: straight and slant.

The straight fowler heel is similar to the roper heel, with a straight cut and increased stability. The fowler heel is simply a bit taller, which gives it more of the traditional western look.

Slant fowler heels are slightly angled. This makes them a good option for those who prefer riding horseback with lower heels. The slanted heel also looks a bit more formal.

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