3 Tips for Choosing the Right Cowboy Boots

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Cowboy Boots

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Cowboy Boots

When the time comes to buy your cowboy boots, you want nothing short of the best, and with these three tips for choosing the right cowboy boots, you’ll start on the right track! Finding the perfect style can take time since you’ll have to consider seasonality, why you need the boots, and their fit.

When You’ll Wear Them

You can wear cowboy boots year-round because they’re always in fashion. The time of year you wear your shoes could change the fit depending on the socks you wear since thicker socks could require larger shoes for the best fit.

Reason for Boots

The next tip for choosing the right cowboy boots is to know why you need them. Are you shopping for function or fashion? Both types have different builds, and the material you select could factor into this decision.

Pro Tip: Narrow Your Options

There are a few other aspects to consider to help you narrow down your options. Some of these factors include:

  • Heel size. Higher heels are best for riding boots, but shorter heels are ideal for line dancing.
  • Category. Narrow down whether you need riding boots, work boots, or another function. The main categories of boots are Western, roper, and walking boots.
  • Material. Decide on the animal hide you want the boots made of since each has different price points.

Bootmakers use various animal hides when making boots, and each animal's leather is different. So do your research on the material. The last thing you want is to buy fashionable boots when you needed work boots. You can purchase leather western boots for men at Country View Western Store, so browse through various brands and materials for the perfect match!

Consider the Fit

When you’re shopping for boots or shoes, you should always consider the fit and your foot type. Specifically, you should consider:

  • Foot width. If you have wide feet, you’re probably going to have to order wide boots.
  • Foot arch. Make sure the arch of your foot matches up with the arch of the boot.
  • Heel slippage. Ideally, your heel should slip about half of an inch as you break the shoes in.

If you’re buying your shoes online, you’ll have to wait until your shoes arrive to test the fit and decide whether you’ll keep them. Remember that while your cowboy boots should be tight, they shouldn’t be uncomfortable.

As you shop for your boots, knowing how to choose what’s best ensures a well-made purchase. For various boots for men, women, and children, shop at Country View Western Store! Then, buy yourself the boots you need, whether that’s for work or fashion.

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