3 Tips for Styling Cowboy Boots With Your Wedding Dress

3 Tips for Styling Cowboy Boots With Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding day look should make you feel like the best version of yourself, not like an elegant stranger. That’s why if you love the western style, wearing cowboy boots on your big day is a fantastic option. Showing off your personal style is a wonderful way to let your personality shine through all the glitz and glamour. Here are a few tips for styling cowboy boots with your wedding dress.

Make Sure They Match the Theme

Wedding day boots will feel right at home at a western or barn wedding, but they might look out of place at a black-tie affair. It’s important to keep your personal style in mind while planning your big day’s theme.

It can be easy to adhere to the opinions of parents, in-laws, and editorial bridal magazines, but at the end of the day, your wedding day is yours. The only opinions that matter are those of you, your partner, and the wedding professionals who are helping you arrange your big day.

Choose the Perfect Pair of Boots

You have a few options when it comes to the boots you’ll wear with your dress. You can borrow a pair of boots from a dear family member or wear your own tried-and-true pair. This way, the boots can also count as your “something borrowed” or “something old,” respectively. If you decide to go this route, don’t forget to clean your boots before the big day!

If you’re planning to buy new boots, consider what style you’d like. There are plenty of simple, elegant designs to choose from, and there are elaborate collections designed specifically for bridal boots. Many bridal collections feature floral or embossed details and colors like white, gold, and silver. There are also different options when it comes to height, from knee-high to ankle boots.

Tie in Your Other Accessories

There are plenty of ways to tie in other accessories with your western-inspired bridal look. Typical western accessories, such as belts, silver jewelry, and hats, can be excellent options. Denim jackets pair beautifully with this style; paint them with your wedding flowers, wedding date, or new last name to add an extra special touch.

Don’t forget about your bridal accessories, either. Consider a more bohemian-style veil or garter to pair well with your boots. Bouquet ribbons typically match your wedding dress, but you could also match it to your boot color for an extra cool touch. For a rustic feel, ask your florist to wrap your bouquet in a strip of brown leather.

No matter how you style your cowboy boots with your wedding dress, you’re sure to feel your best on your big day by showcasing your style. Check out our great collection of women’s western shoes to begin. You may even find your perfect pair of women’s western boots on sale and save yourself a bit of money to put toward your honeymoon.

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