3 Ways To Style Your Boots for Festivals

3 Ways To Style Your Boots for Festivals

3 Ways To Style Your Boots for Festivals

As festival season rapidly approaches, you may be starting to think about your outfit options. No matter your style, a sturdy pair of boots is the way to go for festival footwear.

Boots provide you with more coverage, making it less likely that some overexcited fan will stomp your heels while jumping in the pit. Unlike that cute pair of strappy sandals you’ve been eyeing, boots will also prevent your feet from getting muddy. We recommend choosing a boot with a minimal heel to avoid sinking into the dirt or twisting an ankle while pushing through crowds.

That said, here are some killer ways to style your boots for festivals.

For the Combat Boot Girlies

Any of your best alternative fashion looks will work for a festival outfit—just be sure you can handle the heat! Long, flowy skirts with slits are a great way to bring in a bit of a gothic vibe while keeping cool. If skirts aren’t your thing, try a pair of black shorts.

Up top, you can’t go wrong with a cropped band tee or a simple black tank. Then accessorize with chains, chunky jewelry, and your favorite pair of black sunnies.

For the Cowboy Boot Girlies

Few things go better with cowboy boots than a great pair of denim shorts. Add a crop or tank top and accessorize with a chunky western belt. For some extra cool flair, add a fringed moto jacket (essential for chilly festival nights). Top it off with a bandana and as much jewelry as your heart desires. And don’t forget your sunglasses!

If you don’t have the perfect pair of festival boots yet, check out our collection of ladies’ country boots.

For the Tall Boot Girlies

This is for the girls who don’t mind wearing thigh-high or knee-high boots in the summertime. Sure, your legs might be a little warm, but think of the pictures.

Comfort is clearly secondary to the fit for you, so opt for more Pinterest-worthy pieces like corset tops, cutoff shorts, and sheer, mesh details. Just be sure to test-run your outfit—you still need to be able to move and dance comfortably!

No matter what style you prefer, you can’t go wrong with these ways to style your boots for festivals.

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