4 Common Myths About Cowboy Boots You Should Ignore

4 Common Myths About Cowboy Boots You Should Ignore

4 Common Myths About Cowboy Boots You Should Ignore

Maybe you want to add Western boots to your closet but have some concerns, thanks to some rumors. We’ve gathered the four common myths about cowboy boots you should ignore and compiled them into a single list to disprove them. Once you’ve read through this article, you’ll have no doubts about your next purchase!

There’s No Variety

Cowboy boots are incredibly diverse, and embroidery makes them even more unique. Not only do designs vary from boot to boot, but the many exotic leather types create more variety among your options. And when experts make the shoes by hand, no two will ever be identical.

The many toe shapes, shaft lengths, and heel heights also add to the diversity of cowboy boots. While you could get a pair of riding boots if you want something classic, you could also opt for a pair of work boots to make walking more comfortable.

They’re Uncomfortable

Someone started the rumor that these beauties are uncomfortable, especially when the toe comes to a point. The thing is, this is among the most common myths about cowboy boots you should ignore. Any cowboy boot wearer knows the comfort of these boots is undeniable. What beats the luxury of hand-stitched leather boots? The answer is simply nothing.

They’re Not for Everyone

This couldn’t be more wrong, as everyone can and should wear cowboy boots. Not only are they the perfect statement pieces, but they also have a history. On top of that, they’re versatile. You can throw on your boots for a trip or a fun night out. It’s also possible to pair them with a cozy sweater on a romantic evening.

What truly makes a look is the way you style your boots. For something more casual, wear denim. Alternatively, pair your boots with a dress or khakis for a more formal look. Style is everything! So long as you walk with confidence, you’ll rock cowboy boots successfully.

Heel Slipping Is Bad

If you have a heel slip of around a quarter inch, there’s nothing to worry about since that means the boots fit properly. Most manufacturers offer size charts to ensure all shoppers buy the correct size. And remember that as you wear the shoes, the leather will mold to your foot shape.  

Everyone needs a fantastic pair of cowboy boots, especially after dispelling the common myths about them. Shop for great options at Country View Western Store. You’ll find country boots for men, women, and kids, with and without embroidery. It’s time to expand your style with some classic Western fashion!

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