4 Tips for Properly Cleaning Your Cowboy Boots

4 Tips for Properly Cleaning Your Cowboy Boots

4 Tips for Properly Cleaning Your Cowboy Boots

When you invest in a quality pair of cowboy boots, you’ll want to know how to make them last. By maintaining your shoes, you’ll get years of wear out of them! Use these tips for properly cleaning your cowboy boots so that they always look brand new.

How To Clean Leather Boots

It’s a good idea to have some tips for cleaning leather boots in your back pocket since leather has different cleaning requirements than shoe materials. Use a toothbrush to scrub away any dirt or dust you notice, then apply the appropriate boot cleaner. The boots will look brand new with a dab of leather conditioner that you massage into them after they’re clean.

How To Clean Suede Boots

The maintenance requirements for suede boots differ from those for leather. To keep suede boots looking great, use a cleaning brush or suede spray sealer. It wipes away and removes any dirt that may otherwise cling to the suede. And a suede spray sealer protects your boots from water and other elements.

How To Dry Wet Boots

The chances are that your boots will become wet at some point when you’re wearing them. And since most western boots are suede or leather, too much moisture could ruin them. Moreover, drying leather too quickly or using heat sources like a blow dryer could make the leather crack.

If your boots get wet, remove the water with a towel, then keep the shoes in a dry location. Some people recommend balling up newspaper and keeping it in the damp shoe to remove any moisture that may otherwise linger within.

How To Store Them Properly

Another part of keeping your boots clean is knowing how to store them. Whether your boots are suede or leather, keeping them in a dry location ensures they remain intact while in storage. We recommend you keep them in an area where they can breathe that’s also free of moisture.

Noting tips for properly cleaning your cowboy boots ensures that they always look as great as when you bought them. Remember—both suede and leather cowboy boots have different care requirements. Now that you know the maintenance requirements, why not buy yourself an amazing pair of exotic square toe cowboy boots? Country View Western Store has options for all shoppers, so add to your shoe collection today!

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