4 Tricks To Try if Your Cowboy Boots Hurt Your Feet

4 Tricks To Try if Your Cowboy Boots Hurt Your Feet

4 Tricks To Try if Your Cowboy Boots Hurt Your Feet

For many people, the country-western look is all about style and comfort. Unfortunately, if your boots don’t fit or don’t receive adequate care, they can end up causing foot pain.

Uncomfortable cowboy boots could be due to any number of things. Here are four tricks to try if your cowboy boots hurt your feet.

Ensure They Fit Correctly

One reason your boots could be causing you foot pain is that you have the wrong size. Cowboy boots should fit snuggly but not be too tight. Boot sizes can differ significantly from regular street shoes. You’ll most likely want to size down a bit to ensure your boots fit correctly.

Accurately measuring your foot’s length and width will make it easier to find a pair that fits well without your feet moving around inside them too much. If your heel is slipping excessively or the material feels too tight around the top, you may want to find a different pair.

Break Them In

What makes cowboy boots especially difficult to get right is that you need to break them in for them to feel comfortable. If the material doesn’t have enough flex, it can feel stiff and unyielding, causing some foot pain even if the boots are the correct size.

Breaking in a pair of men’s cowboy boots can take some time. But when done right, you’ll have a set of footwear that feels great on your feet. You can use a shoe stretcher to get it done quicker or apply shoe cream to make the leather more supple.

Wear Comfortable Socks

It’s essential to have a comfortable pair of socks to wear with your cowboy boots. They protect the feet from blisters and add a layer of material between your skin and the leather, preventing chafing and sores. Socks can also help keep your feet warm and dry during foul weather.

The best socks to wear with your leather cowboy boots are those that make your feet comfortable. Specially made boot socks have specialized knitting that adds a layer of style and comfort to your wardrobe.

Get a Pair of Insoles

One other thing you can do if your cowboy boots are still giving you trouble is add a pair of insoles. Insoles improve support and add cushioning, making your boots more comfortable to wear, especially if they’re older or worn down.

If you have posture or foot issues, a set of orthotic insoles may be just the ticket. Insoles can have various materials, including cork, gel, and foam. However, a pair of leather insoles will probably work best for leather cowboy boots.

Stay Comfortable and Look Good

Cowboy boots should be more than just about looks. They should also help protect your feet from injury and foul weather while keeping you comfortable.

Knowing a few tricks to try if your cowboy boots hurt your feet will ensure you get the most out of your pair.

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