4 Ways To Store Cowgirl Boots in a Small Space

4 Ways To Store Cowgirl Boots in a Small Space

4 Ways To Store Cowgirl Boots in a Small Space

For many women, there’s nothing better than a quality pair of cowgirl boots. However, these boots can be a hassle to store, especially if you have more than one pair. Learn four ways to store cowgirl boots in a small space.

Floating Shelves

If you have limited closet space, one solution is installing floating shelves. These shelves occupy less space than traditional storage units and free up valuable floor area. Floating shelves offer an easily installable and customizable solution for increasing your closet’s storage capacity and aesthetically displaying your cowgirl boots. Ultimately, this storage solution works best in tight spaces and small corners where traditional shelving won’t fit.

Shoe Tree

Another solution to storing cowgirl boots in a small space is a shoe tree. Shoe trees help you organize and maintain your footwear collection by keeping boots elevated, dry, and supported.

The trick is finding a shoe tree that matches the size of your footwear. Before making your purchase, outline your foot on a piece of paper so you have a reference that you can check. This approach ensures the shoe tree is the right size.

Shoe Hanger

Like shoe trees, you can hang shoe hangers in your closet for more flexible storage options. Shoe hangers have clips you can attach your cowgirl boots to so they aren’t lying on the ground. This approach makes it easy to find your shoes while keeping them off the floor.

A shoe hanger is an excellent storage option for your footwear since it keeps boots dry and smelling nice. Plus, you can use any free wall space to hang this storage solution, giving you easy access to your shoes no matter where you are in the home.

Plastic Container

Some people use plastic containers to organize their footwear and keep items from becoming too dry or too moist. A plastic tote or bin can easily fit under your bed or another location to reduce the amount of clutter in your closet.

However, the container should have some permeability so your boots can breathe. You should also clean and dry your cowgirl boots before storing them in such a container to ensure they don’t grow mold or mildew. You can stuff your boots with newspaper to help absorb moisture and keep them from developing odors.

Take Better Care of Your Cowgirl Boots

Finding the best footwear can be challenging, so if you’ve found a pair of women’s Western boots on sale, you’ll need a reliable location to store them. Whether with shelves, hangers, or another storage option, you can keep your boots in good condition and out of the way in your small space.

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