A Helpful Guide to Our Favorite Cowboy Boot Accessories

A Helpful Guide to Our Favorite Cowboy Boot Accessories

A Helpful Guide to Our Favorite Cowboy Boot Accessories

Going for the country Western look isn’t too complicated if you know what you’re doing. But what if you don’t know where to start?

The genre has exploded and expanded into fresh territory. Both men and women wear Western-style clothing and accessories, so this fashion style has even more room to grow. With such an expansive style, it’s only natural that you’ll need a helpful guide to our favorite cowboy boot accessories to begin your Western wear journey.

Leather Belts

Because cowboy boots still use rawhide leather, one of the main things to match the look with would be more leather. Leather is a staple in cowboy culture, and naturally, it should be. Being on the ranch for so long means you’ll have to be resourceful. This resourcefulness translates into using leather because that’s your main source of material to work with.

There is plenty to admire about leather belts. They hold up just as well as a nice pair of cowboy boots. And just like those boots, you’ll know once you put on that belt that it will last.

Belt Buckles

As one of many accouterments of Western style, cowboy belt buckles have become a worldwide phenomenon—much like the rest of the wild west culture, where everything is larger than life. Some of the belt buckles you’ll encounter are incredibly intricate and ornate with their detail and design. But as flashy as they may be, don’t fool yourself into thinking they are anything other than durable. Any cowboy boot accessory needs to be equally ready for a hard day’s work.

Boot Bracelets

Anyone who wants to add an extra touch of flair to their cowboy boots should consider boot bracelets. These strands of beads, leather, or chain something to bring out the beauty of the Western design. They pair well with silver belt buckles, earrings, wrist bracelets, and necklaces and serve as a fantastic opportunity for self-expression.


As long as there have been cowboys, there have been satchels. You might imagine this as something you would see thrown over the side of a horse, but that’s not the only place to keep them. These days, people from all walks of life carry messenger bags and satchels over the shoulder, especially the younger generations going to school or traveling. This accessory makes for a great travel bag wherever you go, and they are especially good-looking with a pair of country Western shoes or boots.

Western Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, there is a wide swath of what you might consider Western. What stands out the most are pieces that incorporate silver and turquoise. Jewelry makers adopted these two elements from Indigenous cultures, and they have thrived in this fashion style. The silver and blue hues of the stones with the natural metals in necklaces, bracelets, and earrings add color to the leather-based fashion without going overboard.

We also can’t forget the classic rhinestones in our hats, jeans, and jackets. For those who love to show off at events like the rodeo, these are some of the most widely known pieces of jewelry in the country’s Western wear.

Cowboy Hats

It wouldn’t be Western without a hat, and by a hat, we mean cowboy hats. A cowboy hat is a perfect partner for a great pair of cowboy boots. There’s nothing like this accessory, with all the styles and varieties available to you. Whether you like the narrowed and curled brim hats that sit on top as Hank Williams wore or the wide-brimmed hats that keep out the sun, it doesn’t matter. The world is your oyster whenever it comes to your take on the Western style, especially when choosing a hat. Some are leather and others straw, but they are all cowboy hats worthy of the name.

Leather and Denim Jackets

If you want to complete the look of a true rancher or cowboy, having a leather or denim jacket will bring it all together. After all, a bit of layering looks great in any style.

The leather doesn’t have to be the shiny polished variety. You can also opt for suede with tassels to give you more of that Western vibe. Either way, they are both great choices to pair with Western cowboy boots.

Meanwhile, denim is great for any occasion. Even though it’s not leather, it still works for the Western look and gives a more laid-back undertone to your overall outfit.

Blue Jeans

Nothing pairs better with boots like a pair of blue jeans, no matter the style. People wear boots and jeans together so often they are a staple of American culture and show up around the world. This pairing works on many levels: each protects you from the elements and gives you a taller appearance. It’s hard not to like a nice pair of jeans with a pair of cowboy boots.


If you’re going out on a limb, you’ll accessorize with a pair of chaps. These are usually reserved for rodeos or working on the ranch. Anytime you’re working with horses, you’ll need these if you’re riding for extended periods to protect your legs. However, even if you wanted to go out in them and make a fashion statement, you could.


If you want to make your boots sing, then spurs are just the thing for you. Spurs primarily appeared on boots as a tool to motivate your horse to ride harder while you’re on horseback, but today, they serve a more fashion-forward purpose. You can hear them jingle a mile away in every direction when someone is wearing a pair, and the sound truly makes you feel as though you’re in the Wild West when you do. If ever there was a perfect accessory for Western cowboy boots, these are it!

The world of Western wear is chock-full of unique and exciting pieces, garments, and accessories. If you’re looking to perfect your outfit, turn to this helpful guide to our favorite cowboy boot accessories so that you’ll know what to wear with your favorite cowboy boots. Don’t forget to include a few of these key items!

A Helpful Guide to Our Favorite Cowboy Boot Accessories
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