Admiring the Ariat, Why These Women’s Cowboy Boots Are So Popular

Admiring the Ariat, Why These Women’s Cowboy Boots Are So Popular

If you are involved in the country scene, you’ve likely admired the Ariat boot. Why are these women’s cowboy boots so popular in the first place?

The History

Ariat was founded by Beth Cross and Pam Parker, two ladies with a love for horses and the drive to make a more comfortable boot. Cowboy boots at the time were heavy, clunky, and stiff, making them uncomfortable and hard to move in. Cross and Parker wanted to change that.

They named their company after Secretariat, the racehorse who won the American Triple Crown in 1973. They were inspired by his drive and big heart.

The Design

Ariat was the first company to incorporate athletic shoe technology into western wear, making them very comfortable and durable. Equestrians and horse enthusiasts alike worked on the design in the initial phases, making sure it was up to snuff.

Every pair of Ariat boots is designed in the United States. Today, the brand makes western and English riding boots, as well as work boots.

The Quality

Today, Ariat puts just as much effort into selling quality boots. During construction, Ariat boots undergo 150 steps to confirm they are ready for the tough environments their wearers experience. Bull riders, equestrians, and ranch hands alike wear Ariat boots, so they need to be durable and comfortable.

Each pair of Ariat boots is made using only high-quality materials. Nearly all of their boots are made with genuine leather—most commonly cowhide, but buffalo is also used.

Ariat boots are renowned throughout the equestrian world for their performance, durability, and fit. They aren’t stopping there; Ariat is constantly innovating to make their products lighter, cooler, and more durable, providing customers with the best boots on the market. The brand is committed to ethically sourcing its materials and being as eco-friendly as possible, so you can shop confidently knowing you’re supporting a great brand.

If you’re interested in picking up a pair of Ariats for yourself, Country View Western Store has a wide variety of country girl boots for sale. The next time you admire someone’s Ariats, you’ll know exactly why these women’s cowboy boots are so popular.


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