Advice for Wearing Cowboy Boots With Formal Wear

Advice for Wearing Cowboy Boots With Formal Wear

Advice for Wearing Cowboy Boots With Formal Wear

You’ll want to keep a few things in mind if you are interested in mixing up your wardrobe and trying something new—like wearing your dress attire with cowboy boots. You’ll need to ensure your colors match and that there isn’t too much going on with both your boots and your formal wear.

The last thing you’ll want to do is intend to look sharp going out in public and instead come off as if you’re working as a carnival clown. Use this crucial advice for wearing cowboy boots with formal wear to know how to blend these two stylish pieces.

Choose Your Palette

The first thing you’ll want to do is get your colors right. For instance, if you’re going out in a khaki-colored suit, you won’t want to wear black gator skin boots.

It will look off-putting due to the excessively contrasting color and design. Khaki suits are suitable for a more mellow feel that fits relaxed yet still formal events.

In the case of a tan suit, you’ll want solid, light brown boots with wide, rather than tall, heels for balance and support. This will take a lot of the focus off the boots as higher heels tend to stand out. An informal business casual might be a category for that style. It’s vital to always consider the whole palette as you match boots to dress attire.

Limit Accessories

If you’re wearing western shoes with a suit, you might as well have worn jewels on your feet. Cowboy boots feature ornate designs that easily make them stand out.

When paired with a loud suit, these intricate stitches could be overkill, so it’s best to style subtly. If you’re wearing flashy jewelry and other accessories along with eye-catching boots, you could potentially give the wrong impression to those around you. Accessorizing too much can also create an outfit that makes you the center of attention for the wrong reasons.

Choose the Boot Style With Caution

There are tons of different varieties of boots, just as there are styles of suits. The best thing to keep in mind is that less is more.

Cowboy boots can be very subtle, but that isn’t the standard. Generally, you don’t want to pair exotic boots or something with rhinestones and other abstract designs with your suit because the boots can undercut the formality of the suit.

The best thing to do is find the right color shade you like and go with that as the main attraction—leave the detailing at the door. Your suit will make up for subtle boots with its details alone.

By using this advice for wearing cowboy boots with formal wear, it’s not impossible to pull this look off. Whenever you make a bold fashion choice, it’s essential to take the proper measures and ensure that you look your best when you step out of the house.

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