Cowboy Boots Rubbing Your Leg? 3 Tips To Help

Cowboy Boots Rubbing Your Leg? 3 Tips To Help

You put together a great outfit, pull on your favorite pair of cowboy boots, and hit the road. After wearing your boots for just a few minutes, they start to chafe. If you tough it out, you might get a blister. But don’t grab the band-aids just yet. These tips can help your cowboy boots stop rubbing your leg.

Break In Your Boots

If your cowboy boots are relatively new and are rubbing your leg, the issue may be that the boots are not completely broken in. Because they are still stiff, they won’t move with your body as easily, which can result in skin irritation.

With about two or three weeks of regular wear, your boots will be broken in. If they’re bothering you in the meantime, wearing a tall pair of socks or boot cuffs can prevent chafing.

Add Another Layer

Wearing ankle socks with cowboy boots can result in irritation. Instead, wear a taller pair of socks designed to keep your skin protected. Over-the-calf socks are a good choice that will prevent your boots from chafing your ankle and lower leg.

If you wear a narrower style of jeans, you can also tuck your jeans into your boots. This will prevent the boots from rubbing against the top of your calf. Plus, you’ll get to show off the decorative embroidery that makes your boots so special!

Condition Them

If your leather boots are dry, that may be the reason they’re irritating your skin. If your boots didn’t bother you in the past and have suddenly started chafing, it is especially likely that they’re too dry.

Leather boots need to be conditioned regularly to stay soft and moisturized. This is one form of basic boot care you can do at home. The task itself is fairly simple, but the difference it creates in the way your boots look is incredible.

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