Creative Ways To Display Your Cowboy Boot Collection

Creative Ways To Display Your Cowboy Boot Collection

Cowboy boot aficionados love to collect a pair of boots for every occasion. If you love Western decor and have an extensive boot collection, it only makes sense to make their display a focal point in your home. Here are a few creative ways to display your cowboy boot collection that you’ll love to try.

Make the Most of Shelving

This display looks best with floating wooden shelves. Get a few small shelves—an odd number usually looks best—and hang them. You can hang them directly on top of each other (leaving enough space for your boots to sit in between) for a clean and neat look. You could also hang them asymmetrically for a more organic and rustic feel.

Pick out your favorite pairs of boots, give them a good shine, and place them on the shelves to create your new boot display. Just make sure your boots do not sit in direct sunlight, as this can damage the leather.

Swap Out a Vase

Instead of a vase or mason jar on your mantle, why not use your cowboy boots? This idea is especially great if you have a beloved pair of boots that you don’t wear anymore, but would like to display. Shine up your boots and place them on the mantle. Place them at a diagonal angle with the back boot pulled slightly forward for the best look.

Next, choose a dried floral to display in your boot! Dried roses or lavender make a great fragrant option. For a more rustic look, use dried pampas grass!

Fill In a Bookcase

If you have extra space in your bookshelf, fill the extra room with a pair of boots! Instead of buying a pair of bookends, you can show off your favorite boots as well as your personal style. Clean them up and give them a good shine. If the boots are too light to keep your books from toppling, you can fill them with small stones or a similar option to weigh them down.

There are plenty of great ways to display your Western shoes. Which one of these creative ways to display your cowboy boot collection will you try?

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