Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Cowboy Boots

Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Cowboy Boots

Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Cowboy Boots

Are men’s and women’s Western boots really that different? Yep! Like other footwear, this closet must-have has interesting variations based partially on fashion trends. In this informative guide, we’ll dive into the main difference between men’s and women’s cowboy boots so that you know more about this type of footwear!

The Heel and Toe

While many types of Western boots come with varying heel heights depending on the function, most boots made for women have higher heels. This is partly because the “fashion heel” is the highest heel type, and generally, only women’s boots use this type of heel. Of course, high heels aren’t a requirement for cowgirl boots, and you can find plenty of options with shorter heels.

Heel shape also differs in men’s and women’s western boots; typically, there are more options in shape for women’s boots. Similarly, most brands offer several choices for toe shape, but women usually have more options than men do in this department.

Boot Sizing and Fit

Finding the ideal size of cowboy boots can be tricky for a first-timer; as you shop for a pair, keep in mind that there are major differences between men's and women’s sizes. Usually, the width is smaller on women’s boots.

Luckily, just about all boot manufacturers offer size charts to ensure all customers buy the appropriate size. And if you want to buy a fabulous pair of leather Western boots for men, women, or children, shop at Country View Western Store!

Pro Tip

It takes time to break in western boots, but the leather should mold to your foot shape as you wear them. However, if your shoes hurt or seem too tight the first time you slip them on, they may be too small. A bit of a heel slip is the sign of a great fit!

The Design

Design is another area worth noting as you learn the difference between men’s and women’s cowboy boots. All Western boots don’t have a design embroidered along the vamp, but plenty do. On men’s boots, this design usually features bold colors and minimal texture. However, cowgirl boots tend to utilize various colors.

The type of leather used also impacts the overall look of the boot by creating different textures and natural designs. Most boots made for men are authentic leather, and some are exotic leather like ostrich, snake, or crocodile. On the other hand, most cowgirl boots are cowhide or synthetic leather, which explains the color difference.

Buy Cowboy Boots Today

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