How Do You Know if Your Cowboy Boots Fit Properly?

How Do You Know if Your Cowboy Boots Fit Properly?

How Do You Know if Your Cowboy Boots Fit Properly?

Before you rush out and buy a pair of country boots, you need to see how they fit. A poor-fitting boot is a disappointment, especially when it's unwearable. If you’re asking, “How do you know if your cowboy boots fit properly?” read on to find out the answer!

Knowing How Boots Should Fit

Cowboy boots don’t quite fit the same as other boots or shoe types because a perfect fit is a bit stiff when you first try them on. Since cowboy boots are leather, they should feel a bit snug, but not to the point where they squeeze your foot uncomfortably.

Another indicator of a good fit is that you have a quarter to half an inch of heel slip when you walk around in the boots. This will subside as the leather shapes to your foot. If the boots don’t have this when you first try them on, they’ll likely be too small once you wear them in. No one wants that!

Finding the Right Size

When you buy your boots, keep in mind that they typically run a bit bigger than your usual shoe size. To prevent ending up with boots that are too big, check out the available sizing charts for the brand you plan to buy from. Cowboy boots are an investment purchase, so you may also want to get your foot professionally measured before purchasing anything.


Some shoppers find themselves in between two sizes. If you fall into this category, it’s always better to buy a boot that’s a bit big than one that’s too small. While you can’t exactly force a small boot to fit your foot, you can improve the fit of larger ones by wearing thicker socks to accommodate.

Determining Your Preferred Boot Style

Answering the question of how to know if your cowboy boots fit properly is as vital as narrowing your selection. Western boots come in various shapes, styles, and designs. So there’s something perfect for everyone. Some of the most common types of country boots include:

  • Work boots
  • Riding boots
  • Fashion boots

Once you’ve narrowed down what boot style you prefer, you should also look at the leather types and decide whether you prefer embroidery along the shaft. While knowing your size will ensure the boots feel comfortable, understanding your style will make them a fashion must-have for you!

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