How Often Should You Condition Your Leather Boots?

How Often Should You Condition Your Leather Boots?

How Often Should You Condition Your Leather Boots?

Many people don’t wear the same leather boots every day, so upkeep and conditioning rarely crosses their mind. However, people who do wear boots regularly have a better idea of how to care for leather boots, and the importance of preserving the leather. A frequently asked question is how often to condition leather boots. For your convenience, we’ve compiled the best answers to that question.

How You Wear Them

The frequency of wear and tear on your boots determines how long they’ll last. Wearing leather boots all day for the sake of your strenuous job is one thing. Wearing leather boots for style and comfort is something else altogether. How you choose to wear your boots determines how well you should care for them. Purchasing western wear in North Carolina is easier than you think, and there are even professionals who can condition your boots for you!

For Hard Working Boots

Unless you want to replace your boots every other month, you’ll need to use a boot conditioner at least once per month. There are important steps to take before applying conditioner to get the best results. First, use a damp rag to rub off dirt and grime. A slurry of soap and water works best to start this process. Allow the leather to dry before proceeding.

Once the leather dries properly, gently apply conditioner to the boot with a different damp rag. You should gradually build up the conditioner to a thick coat. Just like using wax, apply the conditioner in circles all around the boot to ensure you’re getting in all the cracks. When you’re finished, allow the conditioner to soak in and dry.

For Casual Outings

If you aren’t an everyday cowboy-boot wearer, then you can get by with conditioning your leather boots once every three-to-six months. You should still clean off the dirt and debris as often as you can, but casual wear doesn’t require the same level of care as every-day wear.

Now that you know how often you should condition your leather boots, you can confidently start the process on your own!

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