How To Prepare Your Boots for Winter Weather

How To Prepare Your Boots for Winter Weather

How To Prepare Your Boots for Winter Weather

Winter brings the joy of the holiday season, making inclement weather far more tolerable. Unfortunately, snow can do a number on your western wear. Learning how to prepare your boots for winter weather is imperative. By implementing the right techniques, you can wear your favorite footwear in the snow without worrying about them becoming damaged.

Invest in Quality Leather

Low-quality leather won't last, so you want to consider a premium product when buying leather boots. While the initial cost is higher, you’ll have footwear that you don’t have to throw out after a few months. Good leather will last you for many years, especially when you discover how to prepare your boots for winter weather.

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Give Your Boots Some TLC

Try your best to develop good habits upon purchasing your boots. Show them some TLC every now and then to prolong their longevity. If you've already had a pair for a while, you should make an effort to clean and moisturize them.

Here are some of our care tips for new and old boots alike:

  • Knock out any salt or debris with a bristle brush.
  • Use a leather cleaner or mild soap for a deeper clean.
  • Apply a moisturizer to restore your boots’ natural shine.

Waterproof Your Western Wear

Once your boots are clean and properly moisturized, you'll want to waterproof them to avoid harm from the winter elements. Moisture from the snow and sleet isn't kind to your boots. Water damages leather by stripping it of its oils, leading to it drying out.

Think of how washing your face with hot water can lead to dry skin. You want to spare your boots this discomfort by waterproofing them. Waterproofing products come in wax or spray form.

Waxes are perfect for giving your footwear maximum protection. While sprays can get the job done, waxes often do a more thorough job. Now your boots are ready for the winter. Be sure to show them a little love every few months to help keep them with you for years to come.

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