Our 3 Favorite Ways To Break in Cowboy Boots

Our 3 Favorite Ways To Break in Cowboy Boots

Our 3 Favorite Ways To Break in Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are made to order, and great care is taken to ensure they are true to the consumer’s specifications. All feet aren’t made the same, so it may take some time for the boots to mold to your feet and comfortably match your gait. This guide lists three of our favorite ways to break in cowboy boots so that you can bypass this issue and enjoy your boots from the get-go.

The Frozen Towel Method

One tried and true method of setting up your boots for comfort from the beginning is to stuff mildly damp towels into your boots and freeze them for a few hours. The ice will expand the leather, and the moisture will soften it at the hardest parts that may rub your feet and cause you pain. This is a quick solution if you’re looking to break in your boots prior to wearing them.

Doubling Up on Socks

If you can stand to walk in your boots immediately after they come out of the box, you might want to try doubling up on your socks. It may be a little more difficult to slip the boots on and off, but the payout will be well worth the reward. The extra layer will force the leather to stretch the longer that you wear the boots. This method is especially helpful if you are able to walk around for a long time, as the boots will mold themselves to your feet and gait the longer you continue walking.

Use a Boot Stretcher

This classic method has been around for ages. Used by both boot and shoemakers alike, this method involves setting the stretcher inside the boot and adjusting it so that it’s snug and tight-fitting inside the boot. You’ll have to leave the stretcher in the boot for several hours or days, depending on how tight it is. This mechanism will take care of all the work for you, and you can go about your business while it’s working on your boots for you.

These are our three favorite ways to break in cowboy boots, but you may come up with other ways that work better for you. Use this guide as a reference next time you need to break in your boots. For more expert tips on how to break in your boots or to find a pair that best suits you, stop by our country store in Goldsboro, NC.

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