Perfect Gifts for Western-Wear Lovers This Holiday Season

Perfect Gifts for Western-Wear Lovers This Holiday Season

Perfect Gifts for Western-Wear Lovers This Holiday Season

As the holiday season rolls around, it's time to stock up on gifts for all your friends and family. Sometimes finding the perfect gift is a challenge but it becomes easier when you know what those individuals love the most. We've compiled a list of the perfect gifts for Western-wear lovers this holiday season, so your shopping is a breeze!

Gifts for Her

If that special lady in your life loves Western fashion, then why not center her holiday gift around it? While it can be hard to buy clothing for someone else, knowing her fashion tastes make things a lot easier. So, check out shirts and boots to add some flair to her wardrobe.

Find out what's on her holiday wish list or what type of clothing she likes best. While some women have a collection of boots and shoes, others prefer owning various tops. By picking up on a few subtle hints, you can give her the gift of the season!

Tops and Dresses

Flannel and denim clothing is stylish; they simply scream Western. Not just that, but both also come in various colors and designs, so the woman you're shopping for can have a top in her favorite color or print.

When it comes to Western fashion, search for cozy sweaters, boho dresses, or flannel. Of course, everyone puts their own spin on country attire, so it's best you know what type—dresses, shirts, sweaters, etc.—she prefers wearing before purchasing the gift.


When in doubt, buy an accessory. You don't have to worry about fit, and the receiver is sure to love it! A hat, belt, or purse could be the perfect accent piece for the recipient’s outfits. For that Western-wearer in your life, consider purchasing a belt, hat, or purse.

Each of these accessories helps take an outfit one step further and allows the wearer to add some personalization. Dressing country is all about dressing confidently, and that's easy with some individual touches!

Pro Tip:

If you want to give the perfect accessory for the snowy season, consider some knit boot cuffs! These look cute peeking out of ladies' cowboy boots while also drawing attention to themselves. They’re an all-season must-have. Boot cuffs also add a splash of color to take any outfit one step further.

Gifts for Him

You've got gifts for the Western ladies in your life, and now it's time for the gentlemen. While you could play it safe and give him some closet stables like a T-shirt or a denim jacket, you could also aim for something more fun. (Of course, you can't go wrong with cowboy boot spurs.) 


Why not buy a jacket that'll keep him toasty and says Western? While flannel works great for everyone, so does a denim jacket. And if that's not his style, then get a leather jacket. (Both are great styles for all ages.)


Finding the perfect present to give as the winter holidays come around depends on his style. If you're buying for a man who prefers contemporary Western style, a T-shirt is great. Since this is a fashion staple, he can match it with khakis, jeans, or various jackets. On the other hand, if you want to give him shirts for fancy nights out, buy a shirt with a collar.


Accessory gifts are perfect if you need something small to add to the rest of the present. For a Western lover, you can't go wrong with great accessories like spurs, belts, and buckles.

When you’re buying belts or buckles as accessories to your main gift, keep in mind that the buckles are often engraved, which gives them personality. Gifting something that has spunk literally carved into it will make the gift exchange even more special.

Cowboy Boots

You can't go wrong with a pair of cowboy boots—they’re practically the symbol of Western wear! These fashion icons look amazing on everyone, and you can wear them year-round.

Boots come in all sorts of styles, have different designs, and even varying heel heights. So, purchase a heeled pair of fashion boots for that friend who's always keeping up with the trends, or if you have a hard-working friend, get them some work boots as a practical, thoughtful gift they’ll use for a long time.

Where To Buy Western Boots

Shopping for cowboy boots can be a bit tricky, especially if it's your first time. You can shop in-store or online depending on what works best for your schedule. Since the holidays are a busy time, shopping online may be ideal due to the incredible variety and amount of options.

If you decide to shop online, read customer reviews on the boot brand you're buying. They’ll let you know whether what you bought to gift is worth it. At Country View Western Store, you can browse through various styles and brands of cowboy boots for women, men, and even kids. You'll easily find the perfect gifts for Western-wear lovers this holiday season! 

First Time Shopper Tips

Buying clothing for another person can be tricky, and when you're doing it online, things may seem a bit more complicated. Don't fret. Once you've found the boots you know your friend or relative will love, verify the:

  • Size: Know their boot size; western boots require a snug fit.
  • Brand: Sizing and quality differ from brand to brand.
  • Material: Some leathers are pricier and require different care. 

By noting these details, you'll buy the gift of the year! Make the gift extra special, and splurge on some boots made of one of the exotic leathers. Everyone loves having at least one specialty piece in their wardrobe.

As the holiday season picks up, gift buying begins. Make finding the perfect present for the Western wear lover in your life a breeze with a denim jacket, a cowboy hat, or some boots. At Country View Western Store, you'll find cowboy boots suited to every Western style. The holidays just got more exciting!  

Perfect Gifts for Western-Wear Lovers This Holiday Season
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