Signs That It’s Time to Resole Your Cowboy Boots

Signs That It’s Time to Resole Your Cowboy Boots

Signs That It’s Time to Resole Your Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are the perfect footwear for those looking for style and comfort. They can protect your feet and prevent chafing, but only if they’re properly cared for.

Over time, your boot’s soles will wear down, leaving your feet unprotected against the harsh outdoor environment. Here are the signs that it’s time to resole your cowboy boots.

Worn or Punctured Material

The most obvious sign that you need to resole your cowboy boots is worn material that separates from the inside of the boot. If the soles are starting to fall apart or have separated from the leather, it’s time to get your boots looked at.

Your boots’ soles wear out with each step you take. They offer protection from rough terrain and traction so you don’t slip or fall. Once they’ve reached their end of life, it’s essential to replace them to ensure you don’t injure your feet.

Uneven Foot Surface

Soles will usually wear evenly based on your walking gait and foot structure. However, if you overpronate or have poor posture, your soles could wear out unevenly, leaving you with an uncomfortable pair of boots that can put added pressure on your feet.

Shoes that are worn too tight or too loose can also develop uneven sole wear. Uneven sole surfaces should serve as a warning to attend to your footwear. Finding a pair of western cowboy boot soles that conform to your feet will offer the best support over their lifetime.

Excess Water or Moisture

Leather cowboy boots are designed to keep the feet dry and comfortable throughout the day. The material absorbs moisture and sweat while preventing chaffing. If the soles start to come loose, water can pool in the bottom of the boot, making them uncomfortable.

If your cowboy boots no longer stay dry, it may be time to get them resoled. If you wait too long, the leather could start to warp, possibly running your footwear. In the meantime, you can use a boot dryer or get desiccant packs to absorb excess moisture.

Make Sure Your Cowboy Boots Are Comfortable

If you want the best footwear for completing tasks and looking good, there’s nothing better than a pair of cowboy boots. Unfortunately, when the soles begin to wear out, they no longer offer the same level of protection for your feet.

Watching for signs that it’s time to resole your cowboy boots will ensure yours are ready for action the next time you need to put them on.

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