The Various Benefits of Wearing Cowboy Boots

The Various Benefits of Wearing Cowboy Boots

The Various Benefits of Wearing Cowboy Boots

Have you ever wondered why just about everybody needs to add a pair of cowboy boots to their wardrobe? These beauties are stylish on everyone and have quite a bit of functionality, ranging from comfortable walking to protection from snake bites! If you need a couple of extra reasons to buy a pair, then jot down the various benefits of wearing cowboy boots.

Common Boot Types and Functions

Those new to the wonderful world of Western attire may not realize that there are various types of Western boots. There are those traditional, ever-stylish cowboy riding boots, plus:

  • Work boots
  • Buckaroo boots
  • Roper boots
  • Fashion boots

While this doesn’t cover every Western boot out there, several of the main types serve a purpose outside of looking fabulous.

As you dive into the history of cowboy boots, you’ll discover that these boots began as tools. Those living in the Wild West needed footwear to protect their feet and calves as they traveled by horseback or spent hours walking.

Riding Boots and Functionality

Horseback riding isn’t easy in a pair of sneakers or another type of improper footwear. Riding boots slip into the stirrups for an easy fit and have a heel to keep your foot hooked throughout the ride. You don’t want your feet flying out as your horse gallops through any terrine. Plus, slipping out of that stirrup at the end of a ride is simple since the leather on this boot type is smooth.

Work Boots and Functionality

Unlike other Western boots, work boots have a short heel to make hours of standing and walking comfortable. Most wearers purchase this boot style to keep their feet comfortable as they walk around the ranch, tending to their daily duties.

Buckaroo Boots and Functionality

These boots make a statement, but they’re solely about fashion. A key part of the design of this boot style is their tall top and an extra layer of leather. Both features are vital in protecting a cowboy’s legs from the thick brush as they ride through the countryside or at a rodeo show!

Roper Boots and Functionality

Roper boots seem to do it all when it comes to functionality. Many like these boots for walking around since they have a smaller heel. Also, the heel isn’t too short for riding. This classic type of boot was originally for ranchers who had to run around and ride a lot. Key features like the rounded toe and square heel make dismounting the horse simple.

Fashion Boots and Functionality

While there are various benefits of wearing cowboy boots among the many types, fashion boots are for style. While they can be comfortable and have a heel, the design doesn’t take hours of walking or riding into consideration. Of course, everyone needs at least one pair of stylish boots for a fun night out.

Exotic Leathers

Most Western boots come in various leather types, but some exotic leathers are pricier than others and may be better for a pair of fashionable boots. Browse through great options of exotic western boots and more at Country View Western Store! We have work boots, fashion boots, and more for men, women, and even kids.

Style Benefits of Cowboy Boots

One reason cowboy boots continue to dominate the fashion world is that they serve a purpose while also looking amazing. In addition to this, Western boots make a statement anytime you slip them on.

They Make a Statement

No matter your fashion preferences, a pair of cowboy boots always tells a story. Some are exotic leathers, while others have intricate designs embroidered along the shaft, and regardless of which, the pair always stands out.

Everything from the shirt you throw on down to your choice of footwear reflects something about you. After all, fashion is all about individualism and self-expression. Western boots say you are fashionable, admire history, and exude confidence!

Styling Tips

Anytime you wear your pair of cowboy boots, remember to walk with that extra stride to your step and keep your chin up. This wardrobe staple shows everyone that you’re a hard worker with an admiration for stylish and functional footwear, not one or the other.

They Pair With Nearly Everything

Cowboy boots go great with jeans and a button-down or some flannel for a traditional look, but those aren’t your only options. Many cowgirl boot lovers wear theirs with dresses, shorts, rompers, and various sweater types.

Dispelling Common Myths

As you browse the internet to decide whether these are the boots for you, chances are you’ll come across a few rumors, so let’s dispel those myths. While we have already proven some myths to be false, here are a few other claims:

  • Western boots wear out quickly
  • Western boots damage your feet
  • Western boots are only for Western lovers

We don’t know who started these myths, but we can prove why they’re inaccurate to help make your next purchase a great one.

They Wear Out Quickly

In most cases, leather boots last for years, especially if you clean and condition them as needed. In addition, you’ll prevent the leather from cracking or otherwise aging by maintaining it. And since most love wearing boots in the fall and winter, remember to waterproof them to prevent moisture damage.

They Damage Your Feet

Some individuals believe that these aren’t great for your feet, but this is untrue because cowboy boots offer the necessary support—often, their primary function is for hours of standing, dancing, or walking. Although, at the same time, the leather may be a bit tight at first. So you’ll have to break the boots in, and as the leather molds to your foot, this will subside.

They’re Only for Western Lovers

Western boots are for everyone, not just those who love all things country. You can pair your boots with your best denim any time of year or with a cozy sweater on a winter day. Check out Country View Western Store for a variety of Western boots to add to your shoe collection for something that looks amazing while also serving a purpose!

The Various Benefits of Wearing Cowboy Boots
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