Tips For Wearing Cowboy Boots in the Office

Tips For Wearing Cowboy Boots in the Office

If you’re a lover of all things western wear, it can be a huge bummer to not be able to rock your style five days out of the week. But what if we told you, there are ways to wear western pieces in a professional setting? The trick is keeping it simple—while you may pile on the accessories for a night out, it’s best to tone it down in a professional setting.

An item you can almost always get away with? Cowboy boots. Here are our best tips for wearing them in the office.

Go Business Casual                                            

If your office allows business casual wear, you have an easier time than most. Grab one of your pairs of nice jeans and your cowboy boots. For shirts, you have several options. A patterned button-down or polo shirt will look great. In the colder months, try a sweater!

Add a nice jacket over top to dress the outfit up a bit more. If you’d like to add accessories, it’s best to choose one in addition to your boots. Jewelry items in silver or leather evoke western wear while still retaining a bit of subtlety and class.

Step It Up a Notch

If you can’t wear business casual to work, dress the outfit up a bit by swapping the jeans in the previous look with some slacks. Now you have a great business outfit to wear to work.

For an even dressier look, add a coordinating blazer with the outfit. Cowboy boots can look fantastic with suits!

Clean Your Boots

Here is the most essential step of wearing your cowboy boots in the office: clean your boots. It does not matter how immaculately styled your outfit is. If you wear muddy or dusty cowboy boots to work, you are likely in for a lecture from your boss.

Wipe off any dust and give them a good polish to avoid any issues.

From exotic leather to western work boots, we’ve got all kinds of top-notch cowboy boots here at Country View Western Store. We might even have the perfect new boot for you to wear to work.

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