Top Tips for Buying Cowgirl Boots for First-Timers

Top Tips for Buying Cowgirl Boots for First-Timers

Top Tips for Buying Cowgirl Boots for First-Timers

No shoe type or boot trumps the cowgirl boot. Why? Western boots are functional and stylish! Not only that, but you can also wear them any time of year and look great. But before you purchase your first pair, check out these top tips for buying cowgirl boots for first-timers. Finding the right size in any shoe can be tricky, and cowgirl boots are a closet staple. Make buying your first pair a breeze.

Know Your Size

The size you wear in cowgirl boots may not be the same as the size you wear in sneakers since the fit is slightly different. You’ll know your Western boots fit if they feel snug at the ball of your foot. Of course, there should still be a bit of room to wiggle your toes. Also, try the boots on with the socks you plan to wear—thick socks could mean bumping up a size.

When in doubt, get your foot measured. You can easily do this at home by using a ruler or a tape measure to see the length and width of your foot. You should also measure your calf while you do this since the boot shaft has to fit around it.

Determine Your Style

Style is among the most important things to consider. Cowgirl boots come in various leather types, toe styles, and designs. Since this is your first pair, seeing all your incredible options may feel a bit overwhelming if you don’t narrow your scope. Poke around a bit and browse different:

  • Leather types: You could buy cowhide or exotic leather.
  • Toe styles: Check out round, pointed, and square toes.
  • Heel types: Heel height can vary depending on boot function.

You’ll also need to consider shoe style since Western boots are more of a general term. You could buy work boots, riding boots, roper boots, or fashion boots, to name a few. The shoe type typically influences toe style and heel height.

Evaluate the Boot

Whether you are in the store or shopping online, researching the boot or seller is always a good idea. Check out reviews for both the brand and boot to find out how great it is! And once you acquire the boots, slip them on and walk around to determine their comfort. While a new pair may feel a bit tight, they’ll mold to your feet once broken in.

Trying the boots on isn’t the end of the evaluation process because you should also look them over for any flaws. Check along the seams and lining. Not only could this clue you into how durable the pair is, but also how comfortable.

With some top tips for buying cowgirl boots for first-timers, you’ll find the right pair in no time! Country View Western Store has country girl boots for sale, so use the tips you’ve learned to find the pair you won’t want to take off.

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