Unique Boots for Your Guy This Holiday Season

Unique Boots for Your Guy This Holiday Season

High quality boots are a great holiday gift. They last a long time, and they’re specific to the person’s style. They can also be pricey, which is why many people don’t buy them for themselves. Here are some unique boots to get for your guy this holiday season based on his personal style.

For the Metalhead Boyfriend

While the alternative scene has many subcultures within it—punk, goth, and emo, to name a few—the footwear is relatively consistent across the board. Regardless of your boyfriend’s preferred genre, a quality pair of combat boots will be a great gift.

There are plenty of options, both with brand and design. Brands like Doc Marten and Demonia are famous in the alternative scene for their footwear. There are also tons of different styles to choose from, from plain leather to chains and studs. Just be sure to choose something with a steel toe if he likes to go hard in the mosh pit—he’ll appreciate not having his feet stomped on!

For the Indie Boyfriend

If your boyfriend’s style is cozier and more casual, an outdoorsy boot style might be the way to go. Timberland makes some great boots in this style. There are plenty of options, from leather to suede.

This kind of boot is casual and dependable, just like your guy. They’re also very comfortable and easy to style. Many of them are water resistant, making them great for outdoor activities. They’re also warm—include a pair of warm socks with your gift to ensure your boyfriend has toasty feet for the rest of the winter.

For the Country Boyfriend

Every cowboy needs a great pair of cowboy boots. They’re the perfect way to complete a western look and are great for everything from outdoor work to country dancing.

Does your guy already have a pair of cowboy boots? Upgrade him to something extra special by browsing the men's exotic country boots available at Country View Western Store. These boots are made from unconventional materials, such as ostrich or alligator leather. These are a great choice for someone who appreciates a little something special.

With these unique boots, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for your guy this holiday season.


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