Unique Care: Temperature Effects on Exotic Boot Leather

Unique Care: Temperature Effects on Exotic Boot Leather

Unique Care: Temperature Effects on Exotic Boot Leather

As you’re likely aware, exotic leather requires more specialized care than cow leather. While some types are more durable than cow leather, temperature, humidity, and oil can damage exotic leather. Here’s what you should know about temperature’s effects on exotic boot leather so you can meet the unique care needs of your exotic leather boots.

Ostrich Leather

It isn’t recommended to expose any type of leather to extremely harsh sunlight for extended periods of time. However, the oils in ostrich leather prevent cracking in more extreme conditions than most leathers. This makes it a good fit for individuals in extremely sunny climates.

Keep in mind that ostrich leather is very sensitive to oils. Even the oils from your hands can cause the leather to change color over time. This is especially apparent on places you touch to pull on your boots.

Kangaroo Leather

Kangaroo leather is one of the most durable leathers in the world. It has incredible tensile strength—ten times that of cow leather. Kangaroo leather is naturally drier than most leathers, so it is more prone to damage from sun exposure than most leathers. Keep it out of direct sunlight for extended periods of time to maintain its appearance.

Alligator and Crocodile Leather

Alligator and crocodile leather are incredibly unique in appearance. The bony scales provide an interesting, exotic-looking leather. However, the scales make these leathers are more delicate than other types.

Reptile scales are connected by a membrane. This membrane is essential to keep your boots looking great. Failing to take care of the membrane beneath the scales puts the leather at risk of drying out, cracking, and losing scales.

This membrane can become dried out by direct sunlight and harsh temperatures. For this reason, never store your reptile skin boots near a heater. Extreme humidity can also damage your boots, even causing mold in some cases.

Exotic leather boots require unique care to combat the effects temperature can have on them, but there is no denying their supreme style and flair. If you’re interested in owning a pair of men's exotic skin boots, Country View Western Store has an excellent selection to choose from.

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