Western Dreams: Tips To Plan a Barn Wedding

Western Dreams: Tips To Plan a Barn Wedding

Western Dreams: Tips To Plan a Barn Wedding

Not much beats the excitement of planning your wedding, and it seems Western and barn weddings have become all the rage. With these tips to plan a barn wedding, you’ll look perfect when you float down the aisle. Begin by finding the perfect dress, accessories, and shoes.

Choose the Right Dress

Depending on the time of year, what you and the rest of the wedding party wear could vary—this also impacts what guests wear. While a sleeveless dress made with breathable fabric works great during the summer, you’ll want something a bit warmer as the cold weather rolls in.

Most hold Western weddings in the spring, summer, or early fall since many planning this theme prefer to marry outside. Of course, an outdoor ceremony isn’t always possible in the winter, especially if you’re in a location with heavy snowfall.

Pro Tip

For some brides, the shoes are as important as the dress—sometimes even more! When it comes to rustic weddings, one of the tips to plan a barn wedding is to pick out the perfect shoes. Nothing quite tops cowgirl boots at a rustic wedding; options range from some embroidered cowgirl boots or fashion boots. Check out Country View Western Store for some great options.

Decorate Your Venue

For the perfect Western wedding, most experts recommend renting a barn or ranch and decorating accordingly. Some couples have bales of hay for seating, while others personalize the space with DIY décor.

As you narrow down your choices on a venue, remember to ask a few essential questions, such as:

  • Is liquor allowed at the venue?
  • What are all the fees?
  • Do you need to bring a generator?
  • How many guests can the venue hold?
  • What are the ground rules?

It’s also important to find out what the rental fee includes, as some include chairs, tables, and glassware, but this isn’t always the case. Additionally, you have to check whether there’s a bathroom on-site since you’ll otherwise need a portable one. Investigating these details also helps you stick to your established budget.

Keep Guests Comfortable

When you plan a barn wedding, you may need to think of a few additional ways to keep your guests comfortable throughout the ceremony and reception. This may mean renting a heating or AC unit, keeping bug spray on hand, and more.

Keep things simple by including essential details on invitations or create a wedding website for guests. This way, all the friends and family members attending the event can wear the appropriate shoes—who knows, maybe they’ll sport their best Western boots!

Shop at Country View Western Store

Usually, shoes are the cherry on top of the ideal outfit, and the same is true for wedding attire. Country View Western Store has country girl boots for sale so every bride can create the best look for her dream wedding. Enjoy your big day in style!

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