Western Theme Wedding Ideas You Should Know

Western Theme Wedding Ideas You Should Know

Western Theme Wedding Ideas You Should Know

There’s something genuinely liberating about a country western-themed wedding with all of the culture surrounding the country western lifestyle. You can make it as elaborate or as humble as you like or can afford.

Speaking of cost, these types of weddings are typically among the most inexpensive, so you can design them how you want without the worry of spending all of your savings for your honeymoon or your first home’s down payment. To give you a little direction on what to do with your special day, here are some western theme wedding ideas you should know to get you started.

Make Your Venue a Barn

If you’re looking for an authentic country experience, you should get to know your local farmers and ranchers. If you do this, you can potentially ask them to reserve a barn space for a wedding venue. They may even clean it for you and fill it with fresh hay so you can have a great space to host your friends and family on your special day.

Serve a Country-Style Buffet

If you’re looking for a crowd pleaser, you can bet that everyone will be happy with a country-style buffet for the meal at the reception. With this kind of food at your venue, the many sides of country cooking will offer something for everyone. It’s also inexpensive and simple to prepare as a dining option.

Hire a Bluegrass Cover Band

To bring things together, you’ll need entertainment so you can scoot your boots across the barn all night long. So, get your ladies’ country boots ready to rope this one in for good. It won’t be complete unless they play bluegrass or country music, so make sure you verify the setlist’s genre.

You might luck out and find a band that does both, so you’ll have something everyone can enjoy. If you decide to go with a band, make sure they are reputable and discuss what you want to play at your wedding so the band will have time to perfect everything for your special day.

This list is a short index of western theme wedding ideas you should know so you’ll have the wedding of your dreams and learn how to make it happen the right way, just like you always planned. You can make even more memories starting from that day forward.

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