What Exotic Boots Are Banned in Certain States?

What Exotic Boots Are Banned in Certain States?

What Exotic Boots Are Banned in Certain States?

It’s no surprise that some illegal exotic leathers have made their way to the United States. People have been poaching exotic creatures and then trading these leather goods for centuries, and the practice doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. With the demand as high as it remains, certain species are facing heightened risks of extinction. Here’s a brief list of the exotic leathers and boots that are banned in certain states.

Sea Turtle

One type of exotic leather that you may not hear about as often is sea turtle leather. The skin of the turtle and the plates from the shell are said to make excellent leather material for boots and shoes. This product appears more frequently in tropical regions, but due to the US’s total ban on products made from sea turtles, it hasn’t made its way into the States with as much flair as sellers had hoped. Despite recent improvements on the status of sea turtles, which are still considered endangered, boots and other goods made of sea turtle leather are highly illegal.


Kangaroos are native only to Australia and the surrounding islands, and keeping them as pets is illegal in much of the United States. However, hunting them for their meat is legal, as they’re not on the endangered species list. Still, California bans any and all trade of kangaroo products.

Pangolin and Arapaima

The pangolin and arapaima are often seen in black markets and wet markets alike. They’re both used for food and for their hides. The scales of the arapaima can be made into leather, and the scales of the pangolin can create a protective leather for boots. The problem is, these creatures are native only to certain parts of the world, and they’re facing extinction due to all the poaching and illegal trade. This puts them to the top of the list of leather items that cannot be traded in any US state.

These are just some of the exotic boots that are banned from certain US states. To protect crucial species, particular states are making it clear that anyone who is found with these items will face penalties. We design our men’s exotic cowboy boots with endangered animals in mind, using only legal sources of leather.

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