Ariat Boots: Men's Brown 10011939 Waterproof 8-Inch Workhog Boots

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It’s the little touches that matter and these Ariat Men's Brown 10011939 Waterproof Slip-Resistant Duratread 8-Inch Workhog Work Boots prove that kilties can simply, yet effectively, transform the look of ordinary men's footwear. If you’re not a work footwear connoisseur or up on technical boot terminology, you might be thinking, “What the heck is a kiltie?” A kiltie is a fringe tongue that flaps over the vamp (or top parts of the brown boots). It adds visual appeal and style. The ones on these Ariat boots can also be removed for versatility. So there you go. Now your buddies will be impressed when you get the question right when playing Trivial Pursuit.
When shopping for a new pair of men's boots, looks play an important role in deciding which pair to buy, but it’s definitely not the only determining factor. How durable, supportive, and comfortable a pair is - that's just as important. Luckily, these leather boots have the looks and the supportive features.
Made of full-grain leather, these 8-inch brown boots are constructed with ATS technology. ATS, or Advanced Torque Stability, keeps you steady on your feet to help prevent foot fatigue and strain. Supportive, gel-cushion footbeds with heel stabilizers protect your feet from the abuse of walking on hard floors and unstable terrain. The footbeds of these waterproof boots are also moisture-wicking to help keep your feet drier and cooler all day. There are even lightweight, ergonomic composite forked shanks, so your feet will be further stabilized and properly aligned. Finally, shock-absorbing EVA midsoles provide yet another layer of cushioning for enhanced softness while wearing these slip-resistant boots. All these features work together, so your feet will feel better. 
If your job requires you to show up “rain or shine,” you’ll welcome the waterproof booties construction that keep wetness - whether from a puddle or rain - from creeping inside the waterproof footwear. The booties surround your feet in a protective layer to ensure your feet stay bone dry. Don’t worry about your feet overheating with all this waterproofing protection. There's a mesh lining that acts as a ventilation system to help your feet breath.
To ensure a proper gait, these Duratread boots are built on a stability chassis system with Goodyear Welt construction. This is fancy talk for saying this chassis system will help you walk better. Your feet won’t feel like they’re wobbly or unstable when you wear this Ariat footwear. In addition, your soles can be replaced if needed.
Attached using the Goodyear Welt construction, the Duratread outsole provides maximum wear-resistance when you wear these Workhog boots. This rugged outsole provides excellent slip-resistance to help keep you safer on your feet on slick surfaces. In addition to slip-resistance, these long-wearing outsoles are oil-resistant, so they won’t break down or degrade when they come in contact with corrosive chemicals. 90-degree heels give you enough lift to help you grip the ladder rungs or other equipment you’re required to climb. An extra perk is the self-cleaning, non-tracking outsole tread design of these brown boots. Your boss and your significant other won’t yell at you for leaving a muddy trail in the office or at home.


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